Friday, July 2, 2010


I purchased a block of Resingrave from McClains to give engraving a try. Resingrave was invented as a replacement for end grain wood blocks. It is very different from the Shina wood I use for Moku Hanga printing. Much harder (requires engraving tools) which allows for much finer detail.

It has a white surface which I coated with black ink. I then drew the subject with a white pencil. The drawing is carved out and the block is then printed with a relief technique. I found this first attempt a little frustrating and I've not pulled a print from the block yet. We will see!


becky said...

I've tried this only once... simple lines only, but I liked the way it turned out. I like the idea of coating it w/ black ink first. I drew in pencil on the block first. It's kind of an odd carving surface. I have no access to print inks/papers as I'm traveling for work~ but did bring 1 resingrave block, some Lino & Shina... so hopefully will get some carving done in my spare time.

Downstairscreator said...

Becky...I would love to see some of your prints. I'll look on your site later today. Do you have any posted?