Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Over forty years ago there was a girl in my life that I was engaged to be married to. As often happens when people are young, our lives took different paths and we drifted apart. At first I thought about her a lot, and then time dampened the memory. After thirty some years of absolutely no contact, we reconnected about ten years ago, and have remained close ever since. One of the things that I have learned about her in our new relationship is that she loves art. She also did when I first knew her but, for some reason, I wasn't aware of it. Anne lives with her husband on beautiful Lopez Island in the Pacific Northwest where she has her own studio which was part of a studio tour last Labor Day weekend. It seems funny to me that when we were younger, I thought I was the art person with my photography and painting, never paying attention to the fact that she is pretty damn good herself. She works in pastels and also paints beautiful watercolors just to annoy me, I'm sure.

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