Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am placing a link to a wonderful site with information and fantastic print samples on printmaking techniques by John Steins. A word of warning though, don't visit the site unless you have a little time on your hands. If you love printmaking, it's hard not look at all of the different posts. He shows the major differences between woodblock printing and wood engraving. He has added excerpts from a 1940s book by Paul Landacre on the art of wood engraving that is still interesting today. Proceed with caution.

A couple of my own modest attemps. One a linocut, the other a woodblock print.


ovson said...

Great work! Not having done much printing I have to ask is the "softer" print (lower right) a function of the medium or technique??

Downstairscreator said...

Hi Ovson,
The print is a redution woodblock technique, and the soft look happened because I did not 'wet' the paper before printing.

I have looked at your blog and found some fun reading. Where you live must be beautiful.


lebbesy mosumi said...

Hurrah, what a quality it is! Since mostly YouTube video tutorials have no pleasant feature, but this is in fact a fastidious quality video.