Tuesday, February 8, 2011


About a month ago, with good intentions I started a new watercolor painting. I really told myself that I would see this one to the finish. That resolve lasted through the first two washes. I am such a wuss! As soon as things started being uncomfortable for me I broke out the acrylics. Out of all of my attempts at watercolor (and there have been many) I have one painting that I like.  


William Cook said...

Nice John. Keep doing these. Powerful style. I do the same thing with wc--never quite works out. By the way, that better not be the current weather out there. Here I was feeling sorry for you way up in Great Bear Lake CAnada--I google earthed it. I thought boy he really is hunkered down for the winter. Then I noticed it was BIG Bear Lake, CAlifornia. Now I'm like jealous, dude. Wm

Betsy Grant said...

Aaahhh...I can see why you like it, and why you persist. All I can say is it's a work of art!

Krista Hasson said...

I really like this one, do you use your acrylics like watercolor? When I paint with watercolor I find I hit what I call the ugly stage, it would be so easy to scrap it, but I find if I push forward and keep adding layers then I can start to see it come together and there is no stopping!