Thursday, February 3, 2011


I finished the final cut (except for proof changes) on the Linocut I've been working on. Seems like it's been a year long project, but probably only about thirty hours in real time! Pulled a proof last night and I'll make a few little adjustments then pull a seven print edition. I need to be a bit more attentive to my baren pressure as this linoleum is glued to a block of wood which seems to have a warp in it.


William Cook said...

Outstanding! Been waiting for the finished piece. There were a lot of interesting features to the first plate, like the splatters and incidental marks. I wanted to compliment these but waited til now. This is one intense print. Charlie Mingus does this to my ear in "Moanin" (in my links list). Great piece. Wm

John Brisson said...

William...thank you for the comments. Hoping that using a little more pressure on the baren will help with the warp in the block and even out the inking. How is your weather back there?


William Cook said...

Hi John--Whether? What is that? Since I started blogging I haven't seen the light of day (today is my one month anniversary). This is a full time job. Seriously, we've had a mildish run past few days, snow from last week slowly going away. It's tolerable temperature wise. My wife was saying it's all down hill from here, winter's half over. Classic optimist.

I like all that chatter in the piece, however it came about--gives it life. On the other hand between the two of us you're the boss of the woodcuts. Let's see what more pressure does. What about the Mingus. Does that fit, or is that just something else going on in my head?

Thank you so much for that wonderful mention of my blogsite. Forgive me for not saying so earlier, I'm still in the learning curve.