Friday, March 11, 2011


My watercolor shortcomings have been mentioned in many earlier blogs. So many failed attempts, yet when I work with acrylics I manage to get close to the result I hoped for. Though I love the look that can be obtained with watercolor, I think I need to embrace the great qualities of the acrylic medium. The painting on the left is an acrylic done by Justin Beckett, a Canadian artist and photographer. Below are two of mine that turned out the way I pictured.


becky said...

Yes, then embrace the acrylics! Wonderful paintings & you know I am partial to the subject matter on the bears! :) Justin's painting makes me want to go backpacking. Though I don't paint, I can understand the frustration you have w/ the watercolors. I think it is like me trying to go big w/ clay... but not knowing how to obtain the results I like.

Betsy Grant said...

I haven't seen one watercolor of yours that I didn't enjoy! The acrylics too.