Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."     ~Angela Monet~


William Cook said...

Hi John

Just checking in. That bass player is something. Intense and moody. Very cool composition. You can hear the sound.


John Brisson said...

Thanks for the encouragement William. Goes a long way!

I was going to join in on the comments on '180 Degree Reversals' but I got a headache just trying keep up. The March 17th blog was easier to wrap my mind around. The mats are really unique!

Betsy Grant said...

Love that quote!

William Cook said...

Hey John --I have a question. You into Bela Bartok (the 20th century composer)? Curious.

Yeah that '180 degree reversals' post went wild. One of the people I follow is a doctor turned artist. I know, what was she thinking (Sonya Johnson)? I kept adding to the post with her egging me on. When I broke into that Poindexter stuff I thought it was funny how I just glazed over. The comments were hilarious.

Anyway did you get those blocks yet? Will you be doing a progressive posting of the stages? I'm getting curiouser. Have a great day. Bill

John Brisson said...

Hi William...I do know some of Bela's history, but only a few of his pieces. One of the people that I play blues with is very much into composers from that time period. He helps me stay balanced in the music world.

I did get the new blocks and will hope to get started this weekend.

Keep blogging, I love your stuff!!