Friday, July 22, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I needed to start getting my studio back into some kind of reasonable order. I am now in the middle of that task with some rewards uncovered with my effort. I had a stack of paintings and various prints that had grown over the years to a pretty large collection. Many just needed to move on to a final resting place (fireplace), but others were fun to revisit. To the left is an acrylic painting I did of my wife and a friend when we were staying on lle Verte Island near Quebec a few years ago. It was the off season and we had the whole island to ourselves (literally). Reminded me of what a beautiful place the island is and what a wonderful and peaceful time we had.


becky said...

The fireplace?! I have hard time throwing away most anything I make! That painting should be framed & hung in your house... it looks so relaxing!

John Brisson said...

Becky...thanks for all of your nice comments. Are you still traveling?