Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can't help but try and ponder
  as I trace my dream
Are the lines on my paper
  really what they seem

The lines are there for all to see
  they try and tell my mind
But when the others look at them
  I wonder what they find

I see the colors there on the page
  they seem so bright and clear
But maybe I'm the only one
  that's my real fear

Do the others really understand
  the shapes seem bold and fair
Maybe they can't comprehend
  or worst they may not care

The things that touch me oh so deep
  are there in black and white
I've put it down for all to find
  It's right there in plain sight

From these works and all I give
  you'll find the real me
All the things that mean so much
  please take some time to see


jeannette said...

Sorry getting back so late, but I've been traveling and plein air painting. Thanks for the follow of ART NOTES.
About this post: better lines than no lines at all, Friend!:)

About the lion in scratch art -beautiful! I started a few years ago and then I "lost" (read misplaced) all my tools in my house move. Have a great rest of the week!

John Brisson said...

Jeannette...Thanks for the nice comment. I purchased an Arches travel sketch book after visiting your webpage. Still struggle with watercolor, but love the book!